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Minister Counsellor (Economic) and Director of UK Trade & Investment Russia - Foreword

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Barbara Habberjam
Barbara Habberjam
Minister Counsellor (Economic) and Director of UK Trade & Investment, Russia

I'm delighted to present this "Doing Business in Russia Guide". The Russian market offers abundant opportunities for UK business people working in all sectors. This guide provides signposts to how best to exploit them.

Business between Russia and the UK is growing: UK-Russia trade has been increasing by an average of 21% year-on-year. UK exports to Russia in   2011 increased by 39% in comparison with those recorded in 2010 and     reached a peak of £4.78 billion. In 2012 Russia moved up to become the UK's 11th largest export market.

Challenges exist, as in any market, but the long-term prospects for the Russian economy are positive and economic growth remains healthy at around 4% a   year. UK companies can play a valuable part in helping to modernise Russian infrastructure - whether in sport or transport - and in supporting Russian     ambitions to develop vital aspects of the economy such as energy efficiency, research and development and financial services.

We will continue to work with the Russian authorities to improve the business climate and market access and to create mutual prosperity, which is in both     our interests.

In this guide you will find general information about doing business in Russia which is relevant to businesses in all sectors. Specific characteristics of   individual sectors, and regulatory requirements relating to different product and service sectors, need to be researched and analysed further. This is where the UK Trade & Investment teams, staffed by professionals fluent in Russian, with excellent local knowledge and contacts, can add real value. The teams are based in British Diplomatic Missions in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Ekaterinburg. They are well-positioned to help businesses, providing reliable practical advice.

I hope this guide will serve as a useful starting-point for anyone thinking about Russia as a potential market. The UK Trade & Investment team is ready to help you succeed and prosper in the Russian market.

Barbara Habberjam
Minister Counsellor (Economic) and Director of UK Trade & Investment, Russia
British Embassy Moscow


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