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Executive Director of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce - Introduction


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Trevor Barton
Executive Director of the
Russo-British Chamber of Commerce

Doing Business in Russia: Not "Why?" But "Why not?"

For many British businesses, Russia seems a vast, difficult to access and even rather daunting market. Approached in the right way however, it need not be so, and the possibilities are endless.

There are openings for business in Russia in just about any sector you care to name. A significant number of UK retailers have established their brands in Russia. UK lawyers and others engaged in financial services are well represented on the Russian market. Many of the sporting facilities being constructed for the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014 and for the 2018 Football World Cup are being built with the assistance of British designers, architects, project managers and construction firms. UK companies are of course also prominent in what Russia deems "the strategic industries": oil, gas, timber and precious metals.

By far the best approach when doing business in Russia is to find a reliable Russian partner, whatever your sector and whatever the size of your business. Companies which invest the necessary time and money almost invariably find that it pays off. Russia is no longer a place where you can go in, do a quick deal, make a fast buck and get out. If you are contemplating doing business in Russia, understand that you need a long-term view.

Once you have decided to do business in Russia, take time to develop an understanding of the country, its people and its culture. Russians are very welcoming to foreigners who bring their own ideas but also show a willingness to learn, adapt, share experience and work alongside Russian people.

If you need that extra helping hand, try entering the market with the help of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC). We have been assisting companies from each country, going in both directions, since 1916 (the year before the Bolshevik Revolution). With bi-lingual teams in each country and the biggest network of any organisation involved in Russo-British business, we are ready and able to help you.

Trevor Barton
Executive Director of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce


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