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UK Office:

Blackthorne International Transport
Unit 3, Trident Industrial Estate
Blackthorne Road
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44(0)1753 687848


Russian Office:

Компания Blackthorne International Transport
ул. Флотская, д.5
офис 303
Москва, Россия

Теlephone: (495) 723 52 63

Specialists in Freight Delivery to Russia

Blackthorne International Transport specialises in delivering all types of cargo to Russia - by air, by sea and by road.

We can organise all of your packing requirements and we also offer household removals and commercial relocation services.

Our staff in Moscow and the UK are bilingual in English and Russian and have many years under their belts in the Russian freight environment and have vast experience coordinating goods travelling to events and exhibitions in Russia. Our clients are a diverse mix of multinational companies, interior designers and event management companies as well as individuals.


Air Freight

For the larger consignments of commercial goods or personal effects which need to be delivered within a few days, air freight is the best option. Some destinations in Russia can only be accessed by plane or helicopter so air freight is not just an option but the only option! Customs clearance must be taken in to account when planning the route and we can offer a wealth of advice on these issues.


Road Freight

Most road freight to Russia arrives by truck either across the Finnish or Latvian border. Most groupage trucks with Russian cargo depart the UK on Fridays and arrive in their trans-shipment points either on Wednesday or Thursday the following week. It can then take up to 7 further days from this point for arrival in Moscow. A dedicated vehicle can make the journey in about 5 days depending on the time of year.

Goods for events under ATA carnet can also travel by truck and - time permitting - is generally the most economical way to ship.

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Sea Freight

Containerised cargo is a popular mode of travel to Russia from many ports in the world. Currently the only direct line from the UK to Russia is the Containership vessel operating from Teesside to St. Petersburg port every week. The transit time on this route is about 5 days. From St. Petersburg there are many more inland connections available by road, rail and river.

The containers on board the vessel are classed as unaccompanied so if you have a full load for a 40' container or truck the container service would be more economical.


Event Logistics

Our staff have vast experience coordinating goods travelling to events and exhibitions in Russia.

We know and understand that delivering these types of goods is very time critical and we can manage the entire process from the moment you book an event. The types of events we have handled include football matches, exhibitions, conferences, parties and delivery of technical tools.

We manage all the necessary documentation and customs clearances to give you peace of mind so you can concentrate on the event itself. Our aim is to be in the background and make it happen.


Office & Household Removals

Blackthorne International Transport can arrange a full removal service between Russia and the UK from a small one room apartment to a mansion. Our service includes the customs clearance of your goods in both countries, door delivery, unpack and removal of cases.

We operate a range of vehicles suited to each particular move both in the UK and Russia. We also offer a wrapping and packing service to keep your goods safe in transit. If you are not ready to receive your goods until a particular time in the future we can store your goods for you for any period of time.


Commercial Relocations:

Blackthorne International Transport also offer commercial relocations between Russia and the UK including highly fragile computer equipment on air ride vehicles. Our service doesn't just end with moving your equipment but we can arrange computer installation for you in each country and certified product testing prior to first use.

Our commercial relocations include a wide variety of services tailored to your specific needs so that your new office is ready and effective from day one.


Warehousing Services in the UK and Russia

Blackthorne International Transport operate a bespoke warehousing and distribution centre in Moscow with regular next day deliveries in Moscow and the surrounding area.

Your export shipments can be sent in advance, customs cleared into Russia and held in our warehouse until called for by you or your customers, saving shipping and transit time.

Deliveries can be made quickly and efficiently to all parts of Russia which will not only save you money, but more importantly, will provide a fast and efficient service for your customers and will help secure further orders.


Get in Touch Today

To obtain a full quotation or arrange a site visit please contact us at or by telephone by calling +44(0)1753 687848.

Our staff are on call 24 hours per day 365 days per year both in the UK and Russia. We can manage all necessary documentation and customs clearances if necessary and are happy to assist with any inquiries you have regarding the process.

You can read more on each of the topics covered above - and request an online quote - by visiting

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