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Noble House

36, Skakovaya str.,
Moscow, 125040, RUSSIA

Phone:+7 (495) 669 77 51
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Noble House specializes in business services for foreign companies, which are setting up their business in Russia.

Noble House provides legal and accoun­ting services, consulting on organizational issues, help in development and advancement on the Russian market.

Noble House puts a full range of back-office services at your disposal. Use of several sub-contractors is significantly more expensive than working with a single company, which can take responsibility for many different tasks at once.

Our approach enables you to optimize your costs and devote your energies to your core business - the reason why you came to the Russian market - without being distracted by technical and organizational issues.



  • Legal and financial services

  • Management- and tax accounting

  • Visa support

  • IT and information support

  • Nominee director

  • Human resources support

  • Recruitment

  • Office rental

  • Import/export/certification

  • Market entry support

  • Insurance



Noble House has worked in the foreign trade sector - one of the most complex sectors of the Russian economy - since 2001, and has excellent professional skills in all aspects of import and export operations.

Our services include cargo transport, certification, customs clearance services and know-how consulting on foreign economic activity and consulting services on import and export.

Noble House offers a full range of services for import deliveries to Russia, including consulting and legal support on various foreign economic activity issues, customs clearance, transport and warehouse logistics, and obtaining Russian state certification as well as other necessary documents as required by Russian certification rules. Close cooperation with large transport companies significantly raises quality and reduces the time needed for deliveries. We have the benefit of an established reputation inside Russia as a reliable and professional importer.

Based on your request we compile a unique package of services from our many competences to suit your specific needs. Noble House specializes in solving complex Customs issues.

For example, we deal with:

  • Temporary export (repair shipments)

  • Exhibition goods (ATA Carnet)

  • Replacement parts under warranty

  • POS materials

  • DDP shipments



  • Drafting and executing delivery contracts

  • Obtaining all necessary documents for import and sale of goods inside

  • Organization of cargo transport from any location outside Russia via any route inside Russia

  • Preliminary calculation of customs payments and overall cost of goods import to Russia

  • Consulting and legal support on all aspects of foreign economic activity

  • Customs clearance

  • GOST Certification

  • Hygiene certification

  • Representing and protecting your interests with the Customs authorities

  • Warehouse storage and processing of goods

  • Diagram

    Delivery of goods to the buyer's warehouse


DDP shipments are becoming more and more popular in Russia as Russian Customs procedures are not becoming easier and more and more Russian importers do not want to import by themselves anymore and oblige their suppliers to find DDP solutions for them.

Often, these suppliers turn to their logistics providers for a solution. Noble House has strategic partnerships with a number of logistics providers and together we can offer tailor-made solutions for each Client. Noble House has been dealing with DDP shipments for over 6 years and has developed reliable systems for importing such cargo through our Trading Houses.



The Russian market is one of the most attractive markets in the world, with 140 million potential customers. It has enjoyed massive growth during the last 10 years and will continue to grow in spite of the current recession. Business in Russia can be "challenging" due to complex legislation, bureaucracy, cumbersome Customs Procedures and currency controls. Noble House can also be YOUR reliable partner with extensive experience in the Russian market and under foreign ownership and management.

There are several possible variants for our co-operation:

Noble House can act as a "non-commercial distributor".
This means that you remain responsible for the sale of your goods in Russia and Noble House takes care of all logistics, import, certification, contracts and invoicing. This enables you to deliver your products under Incoterm DDP.

YOU select your Clients, YOU decide about the distribution channels you want to use, and YOU agree prices with your Clients!

Noble House can employ a sales person exclusively for your company.
This person will be on the payroll of Noble House and charged to you via a consultancy agreement. This is a very efficient and fast way to develop your business in Russia. Noble House can provide office space and back-office services for this person. You take care of training and functional management.

Noble House can arrange your company's participation in branch exhibitions
Branch exhibition is a very powerful and universally acknowledged tool that helps businessmen from all over the world to meet each other and initiate future successful co-operation.

Over the last years Russia, and especially Moscow, became one of the leading exhibition centers.

We can assist your participation in every exhibition in Moscow on a turnkey basis.

Noble House can search distributors for your products.
Our managers will search the best distributors for your products to ensure successful promotion of your products in Russia. After we introduce your products to the  prospective distributors  and get the required feedback from them we will provide you information regarding the most promising distributors. We will support you of course during your initial negotiations with them and during the first stage of your partnership. For this service we charge a fixed fee and a success fee.

Noble House can be  the point of contact for your Russian (potential) clients.
Our professional staff will accept enquiries from your clients (in Russian language) and pass them on to you in English or German. This brings your company very close to your clients in Russia without having your own presence here.

This service is free of charge; the only condition is that Noble House will handle your future shipments to Russia on DDP terms.

Please include Noble House as your Russian partner in your website.

After this, please notify us so we can inform our staff about your company and your products.

Noble House also can offer facilities on-site to store samples or stock on your behalf. Please contact us to discuss conditions.

Our fee structure is transparent and ensures you are always in full control of your costs.

Dealing with Russia could not be easier!


As a subsidiary of the Noble House Group,  NH Services enjoys the support of a group that has been active in Russia since 2001.

The insurance market in Russia is diverse and complicated. Most insurance companies are active through their own sales force, offering just their own products. This limits your choice to a great extent.

Many people and companies alike, find it difficult to choose the right insurance and do not trust insurance companies on their word only. And that is our aim: making it easier for you to choose and obtain insurances and create peace of mind by ensuring that only trustworthy and high-quality services are offered.

NH Services works with all reputable Russian insurance companies and can offer many different types of insurances. In this way you can see immediately which insurance is best for your personal circumstances. In a clear way we compare insurances on price, quality and conditions. After the comparison, you can choose which insurance you like most and obtain this insurance via NH Services.

And if you need help, our Customer Service is here for you. Call or e-mail us.

Below you find all products NH Services has compared for you:

  • Car insurance

  • Life insurance

  • Inventory insurance

  • Real estate insurance

  • Travel insurance

  • Health insurance

  • Maritime insurance

  • Liability insurance

  • Truck and bus insurance